View Full Version : Making a trip to Miami...

09-30-2007, 23:31
So I'm going down to Miami in a couple of weeks and will have a day down there by myself before my friend (who isn't cert'd, but likes snorkeling) gets there. That means a day of diving for me :-) Any recommendations on places to dive or finding folks that might want a fresh newly cert'd buddy?

Bring the Payne
10-01-2007, 20:54
What dates are you going to be there?

10-02-2007, 09:35
I'll be there Oct 11th and I'll have that whole day to do whatever I like. My friend shows up early the next morning and I'm wondering if I can find a snorkel & scuba boat so she can snorkel while I dive. I also have Oct 15th there alone, but I'll be flying that evening so diving's out.

10-03-2007, 14:18
thats a thrusday... i'll be working, otherwise i'd take you up on the dive.
if you have time, and can, go down to key largo, pick a charter and do 2 dives/1 trip...

10-03-2007, 14:38
I don't know about Miami but in Key Largo there are charters that do the snorkel/diving combo. Not the best choice for diving but would work great if you had a friend that wasn't diving. Although you both will have to partner up with other people.

10-05-2007, 19:36
Any recs for dives that leave later, since my flight gets in at 10:15am?

10-06-2007, 00:08
i know that my fav. charter leaves at 1pm... amoray dive resort

and actually... most places do an 8am and a 1or 130pm trip...