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10-04-2007, 15:26
Hi. I bought a Zeagle BCD back in 1992. I admit that I have never liked it much as it is difficult to completely dump all the air in it. It also fills with water on each dive so pints drain out on the surface. Returning home from Hawaii, the air hose came out and gave me a great reason to buy a new BCD. I am a 130 lb woman who uses about 10 lbs of weight. Thanks for any and all responses!!

10-04-2007, 15:42
My wife uses a Sherwood Luna and seems to like it alot. Nice integrated weght pockets, plenty of D-Rings, it is a really nice BC, and comfy too.


10-04-2007, 15:51
Since you didn't tell us if you want back-inflate, jacket style, weight integrated, etc. here are a few of the BC's specifically designed for women:

Zeagle makes both the Zena and the Lazer.
Oceanic has the Hera.
Mares makes Kaila and the Aliikai
Aeris makes the Contour
Genesis has the Athena
ScubaPro has the Ladyhawk
SeaQuest has the Diva and Libra
Sherwood has the Luna and Solaris
Tusa has the Selene

IMO it's important to try as many BCs as possible, whether they are designed for men or women (or both).

I have well over 100 dives on my Zeagle BC and have never experienced what you describe. As a matter of fact, after 2 weeks on a liveaboard (and 50 dives), I had maybe 2 tablespoons of water in my BC bladder. I'd have to wonder if you had a faulty dump valve on your BC and that's why it was filling with water.

Good luck with your hunt...it may prove to be both a fun and frustrating experience. ;)

10-04-2007, 17:04
You might also try a backplate and wing. Some like them some don't but it is worth a try. They even make the wings in pink now.