View Full Version : And one more ST thanks thread!!

10-05-2007, 06:10
Got my first order from ST on Tuesday & checked everything out & used it for my last confined water dive last night! Everything is top notch, Zeagle Brigade BCD, Zeagle regs & octo were the envy of the class, plus with the way that BCD fits, it made donning & doffing in the water soooo much easier. And what a deal on the Atmos 2 computer! Now I just have to learn to use it! Joe, thank you for all the help, advice & tips. I really appreciate everything! Now I just have to think about moving a little closer since my new LDS is like 2000 miles away! :smiley2: I think I might plan a dive trip to the ST party next year! I leave for Dutch Quarry tomorrow morning for a weekend trip to do my OW dives & finish my cert, I can't wait to dive my new stuff again!

Thanks again Joe! :smiley32: