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10-05-2007, 07:53
The Question is: I brought my regs in for service at a LDS. It is not that I dont trust them, it is just that I dont trust them with my life. I want to test them before I am off somewhere depending on them. Is it normal to test the regs before embarking on a dive trip?
And, besides during a dive (in a pool, lake, quarry, etc) how would I go about testing performance? The shop has a pool but charges me $25 for a 2 hours use and if I want to dive elsewhere it means a 4 hour trip to Florida and 4 hour trip back.
I do not mind spending the 25 bucks; although, I think it is kinda chinky considering my purpose is to test the regs they just serviced, but I would rather test in something deeper than a 16 foot pool.

fire diver
10-05-2007, 08:03
Absolutely test your regs!

Never go on any dive trip with untested gear. This goes for new purchases as well as just serviced gear. Especially regs. Sometimes the shop makes a mistake. Sometimes the seats don't set right at first, then set all the way after a few minutes of use resulting in a free-flowing reg.

As far as performance, if it breaths fine for you, it is probably good to go. Do you not have any local lakes or quarries to dive in? If not, then I think that would be a good use of $25.

It's always best to take all the gear you plan on traveling with and pool testing it, or take it on a shallow dive first to check it ALL out. Just give your self time for the gear to dry before you ave to pack it away.


10-05-2007, 08:11
The shop has a pool but charges me $25 for a 2 hours use

You have to be kidding! I am land-locked as well but I have never had a LDS charge me for pool time....... I do not know if this is common in other locations.
If you are going to have an issue with a reg, chances are it will be right after it was serviced. After paying them for the service I can't believe they would feel the need to squeeze another $25 because you were taking up so much space in the pool.....................

NOT customer friendly.

10-05-2007, 08:12
Just a thought, my son and I got permission to dive in the local Y. Lots less than $25. That seems like highway robbery, esp. given your purpose.

WV Diver
10-05-2007, 08:41
It is very unfortunate that the ones to service your regs want to charge you to check them out in their pool. This is the kind of customer service that puts shops out of business.

If it were me, I would be finding out why. This is just not acceptable and I would very much feel the need to start asking alot of people alot of questions.

As to how to test your regs., short of the Florida trip or spending the $25, I wouldn't know. I'm sure you have at least put them on a tank under pressure to check for free flow and breathing.

I'm sure it can be adjusted by a shop where you are going if need be. But I understand you not wanting to find out once you are there and ready to dive but this may be what you end up doing.

What is the problem with doing a dive in a lake, quarry etc. before you leave?

10-05-2007, 09:08
The test dive is probably the least important test you need to do. I suggest you start out by making sure everything is properly connected. Check all screw in connections by hand to make sure you can't loosen anything. Everything with the possible exception of the 2nd stage covers should be more than hand tight. Then do a vacuum test to make sure you won't be sucking in water when you inhale. Seal the 1st stage and inhale gently on each 2nd. You should get no air. If you do (and you are not dealing with 2nd from Atomic or Scubapro with seat saver features) then something is wrong. Next put it on a full tank and listen for leaks and that each 2nd breaths OK. Then turn off the supply valve and see that the reg holds pressure. Now, if you can do that final test dive, go ahead and take it for a dive. A good inspection will catch the problems, some of which may not show up in a test dive.

10-05-2007, 09:16
Does the shop have a scuba club that has access to the pool? If so, it might be worthwhile to join. My LDS has a pool charge for non-memebers, but members get to use the pool anytime it's available. For $50 a year, you get the use of the pool, stand by status on their dive boat at the lake, and 10 air fills. So basically you get the pool & the boat for pre-paying for 10 air fills. The charge for non-members is $10 per day.

I think a dive shop charging for pool use makes sense to a point, but I would think that they should certainly allow you to use the pool to test the gear.

10-05-2007, 16:48
WV Diver, I live in a city surrounded by water but none worth diving in. The Mississippi river has extremely strong currents and an extremely high volume of boat traffic.
Lake Pontchatrain is pretty much undiveable. At least I know of noone that dives in it. We have no quarries, and my only options are the Gulf, Florida Springs or a pool.
I brought the regs in for servicing yesterday, I hope to pick them up Mon or Tues but I definitely want to test them before diving them in actual conditions.
I asked if that was normal or what other options do I have.
I sincerely thank all who offered suggestions and advice. I will at the least test dive in the LDS pool and complain about the fee not so much to save 25 bucks but because a test dive should be considered part of the service.