View Full Version : Where on the Riviera Maya? (for non-divers)

10-05-2007, 19:17
I have some non-diver relatives looking to make a Mexican getaway next month to the Riviera Maya for a week...They were thinking Cancun, Tulum or Playa Del Carmen...but prolly not Cozumel. They aren't looking for anything to extravegent (spendy) or touristy but don't want to be out in the jungle either...mostly lounging on the beach and maybe a night or two of partying. Any suggestions?

10-06-2007, 22:10
Any of the cities mentioned would work. Cancun is pretty Americanized. You'll find more corporate American, etc there than local Mexico. Personally, I'd head for Playa del Carmen. Get an all-inclusive on the beach. There are shops all over the place. Take a cab over to Avenida Quinta for some shopping. You can't beat it. My wife and I met my mother there last summer. While my wife and I were cave diving, my mother was hanging out on the beach and participating in the programs the all-inclusive puts on.

Check out www.hotelsplayadelcarmen.com for great deals.

10-06-2007, 22:17
Playa de Carmen is nice this time of the year. It's the best choice for non divers and not as crowded as Cancun. Playa has a blocked off street (Quinta?) where everyone can walk from/to most of the bars, restaurants and stores. It's what I recommend for your relatives.

Further south, you have Akumal which is good, nice beaches but no real night life, not this time of year. I was there October 2007 and enjoyed the diving there. I took the collectivo into Playa and Tulum, more on collectivo's later.

Even further south is Tulum where they have spectacular beaches, I think they made the Corona commercials there. The only thing you will hear there is the wind and the surf. The sand is like talcum powder there. You can also spend the day exploring the nearby Tulum ruins, take your swimsuit.

If you really want to get away, you could stay in Tulum and take a collectivo into Playa de Carmen for the nightlife. A collectivo is a white van with red letters that say "COLLECTIVO" that transports people from Tulum to Playa for US $2.00. Just walk to the main highway and flag down a white van. Or ask your resort about them. Just remember that some resorts in Tulum are not totally modern so be careful which one you choose. Also depending where you stay in Tulum, you may have to take a taxi from the resort to the collectivo stop.

I hope your relatives have a good time on whatever choice they make.


10-08-2007, 14:41
Lots of information about the area is available at www.playadelcarmeninfo.com (http://www.playadelcarmeninfo.com) and www.locogringo.com (http://www.locogringo.com)
You'll find that Playa Info is mostly about PDC while many Loco Gringo members prefer Akumal and other smaller towns, but both forums are very helpful.
Playa is definitely busier with lost of shopping/restaurants/bars, there is plenty to do, most within walking distance so a car in not a necessity. Akumal is more laid-back with much less nightlife but it also has much better snorkeling. With Akumal located between Playa and Tulum, they could always stay there and then visit Tulum for the ruins or head up to PDC for shopping and a night out depending on how they want to spend their time.

10-08-2007, 23:07
I'll add Puerto Aventuras, it is between PDC and Akumal. It is a gated community around a marina. It has some shopping, several restaurants and is close to the cenotes also has nice, quiet beaches. PDC has lots of people on Quinta Avenue with higher end stores at one end and restuarants and little shops in between. I like PDC but Puerto Aventuras and Akumal are much quieter.

10-13-2007, 07:12
My vote is for PlayaCar, 5 Minutes from Playa del Carmen. The wife and I like the Royal Hideaway, sweet place.

Hawkeye Mark
10-14-2007, 10:31
We are heading down there over Thanksgiving. Ive been in Playa a number of times but this is the first time to stay there. My wife( a non diver) and a friend of hers are going along. They can entertain each other while I go diving.

We are staying at Casa de Gopala and diving with Yucatek.

Trip to Cozumel was vetoed. Too many times and non diver was bored with it.

Going Tuesday to Tuesday. 1648 for two including air and diving for me. Of course no meals included.

10-15-2007, 12:05
We loved Akumal both as non divers last year, and as divers this year. There's fabulous snorkeling right off the beach there, the beach itself is lovely, and you're conveniently positioned if you want to visit any of the ruins inland.