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10-07-2007, 11:05
Does anyone know if any manufacturer builds a digital compas that works at any angle as well as uses audible sounds to maintain the programmed path? This would allow a diver to keep an eye on the surroundings while listening to maintain an accurate search pattern. I was thinking that the compas would change from one sound to another to indicate if the programmed course was deviated from.

10-07-2007, 11:18

The feature you're implying would be similar to an "audible breadcrumb trail" in an on shore GPS unit.

GPS units do not work underwater because of the low strength of the signal from the satellites.

There is no way to program a course into any compass. In order to do so, you would need at least three fixed positions to triangulate from for 2D courses and at least four signals for 3D fixes. Since there is only one source for "signals" used by compasses, this sort of programming is not possible.

Good question, though!

Ian Wilson, California Professional Land Surveyor #7010

10-08-2007, 20:40
I was thinking more along the lines that at the beginning of a dive you usually take a bearing and set your lubber line in the direction you are going. This setting would be used by the digital compass to maintain heading and will provide different sounds if you veer off from it. When you are ready to move in a differnt direction you would calculate wher you need to go and reset the lubber line again if needed. The audible would again follow the set heading.

10-08-2007, 20:42
That would be neat. Where would this compass go though? Couldnt be wrist or console mounted since once you let go or drop your arm, there goes the reading.

10-08-2007, 20:44

Well, I have never heard of such an "alarm" on a compass.

Of course, that may well be due tpo the fact that the digital compasses are virtually useless/worthless/non-funtional anyway - in my opinion. From my experience, they are a highly unreliable, high tech, expensive. modern solution to a problem that was solved inexpensively about 4000 years ago.

10-09-2007, 18:50
Really, the best thing to do is just practice swimming on course. You will find with more experience that you do not need to keep focused 100% on the compass. I generally use the compass to get me started in the right direction and then just check it every few kick cycles. I have a Suunto SK-7 and love it.