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10-07-2007, 12:42

I am looking for someone who knows the actual story.

I have a Uwatec Aladin Air X Nitrox with about 200 dives over seven years. Three months ago, it showed about 50% battery life. Now it will not function at all. So I go to the LDS where I got it and was told that Uwatec would not touch this model any more. That I could not get it fixed. The "hundreds were coming in broken all the time" and that they were authorized to swap for the new model, unspecified in this conversation, at cost which was $600.00. Frankly, I was so incensed at this that I decided on the fly that I would buy anything other than be ripped off. So I left. When to another LDS, which said that they would not touch it as I had not purchased it from them, even though they were authorized dealers.

As is always the case, I have no minutes to fool with this and have a dive trip scheduled in week.

Scubapro has not returned a phone call, has no email that I can find.

Does anyone know the truth?


PS, real bottom line is that I will be dealing with Scubatoys on line as they have never let me down.

10-10-2007, 15:47
I have now contacted three different Scubapro dealers.

1st was the one where computer was purchased and was told that Scubapro would replace with the new model for $600.

2nd was told they would not touch the unit as I did not buy it from them.

At this point I posted to see if anyone had any knowledge. I also contacted a well known web dive store with a rep for a lot of sales and maybe no warrantee as they list Uwatec in their on line catalog. I figured they would at least know the story.

It turned out that they sent me to an authorized dealer who was very gratious, and who contacted Scubapro for me. The actual cost is $350.

So there are two bottom lines as far as I can see, one is that Scubapro is doing the right thing in my view. And secondly, there are LDS's and LDS's and one needs to be clear where one is before plunking down hard earned money.

I am going Scuba Toys from now on.

12-30-2007, 10:46
this is all i know

SCUBAPRO UWATEC Air X Series computers
SCUBAPRO is offering a Warranty Replacement Program for all Air X, Air X Nitrox, Air XO2. The batteries are no longer available for these computers and so to help customers who own these computers. They have assigned a fixed trade-in value for all Air X-series computers, which SCUBAPRO will apply against purchase price of the replacement model. A replacement Smart Z with return of any Air X-series computer is $350.00 and a flat fee of $15.00 for UPS Ground Shipping.
To ensure a quick and successful completion of this program, please return your Air X-series directly to:
1166 Fesler St
El Cajon CA 92020

01-02-2009, 05:26
Hi, I had an Air X and ended up doing the upgrade. I contacted Scubapro here in Australia and they asked if I was the original owner etc.

The cost was $829 AUD to do the upgrade and I got a Uwated Smart Z in return. Seemed like a pretty reasonable deal but at the same time I probably could have picked up an integrated computer like the Oceanic VT3 for the same amount. But I liked the Uwatec so it seemed like a good enough deal.

One thing that could be good is that sometimes if you ask they can do an upgrade to the smart tec. The Smart tec basically has three transmitters compared to the one with the smart z.

One thing is that it would be important to keep your receipt as they will do battery changes for life! Only on the computer, not on the transmitters!

I ended up doing my upgrade through my LDS who was an authorised Uwatec dealer, but you can go directly through Scubapro/Uwatec.

Here is their address in Australia.

Unit 21, 380 Eastern Valley Way
Ph: 02 9417 1011 Fax: 02 9417 1044
Email: sales@scubapro.com.au