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10-08-2007, 13:46
Hi Everyone!

I'm back from Mexico. I got to Cancun last Monday and met with the staff at Nautilus Divers (www.cancunscuba.com/index.htm) to go over all my referral paperwork. Got everything sorted out with Octavio, and set up my check out dives for Tuesday afternoon at Isla Mujeres, and Wednesday morning at Punta Cancun. The first 2 dives were to about 35 feet, had great aquatic life and some pretty coral. I brought my camera on these dives because it was safe up to 10M. I figured the extra couple feet would be ok, and it was. Since this was my first time out in the water I relaxed and got through my OW skills. For some reason I find it very difficult to breathe with my mask off- is that normal? I was able to get some great pictures, and the underwater scenery was really pretty. I saw lots of Moray's and even a baby moray. That was cool- he was only an inch or so across.

The second day we went to Punta Cancun, dives were to about 50 feet this time. Didn't bring my camera but I wish I had. We saw about 10 nurse sharks, a sea turtle, and even a moray on the prowl. Completely out in the open, even saw him grab a fish. They are really so beautiful. Had no problem with the rest of my skills, and Octavio said I was a natural in the water. Though I think he has to say stuff like that as an instructor, right? If anyone is going to Cancun, I would highly recommend diving with Octavio and Nautilus Divers.

After getting certified I drove down to PDC to dive with Jason Sartain, www.fantaseadive.com. Jason was great- only takes out private groups. The first day we went out we went to Turtugas reef and Jardains Reef. On Tortugas we saw tons of Sea Turtles, Barracuda, and schooling fish. The reef isn't so much a reef, but a spongefield. Jason was great about pointing out the different aquatic life, really sharp at picking up where things are. He even found 2 seahorses! Since Jason does private dives we didn't have a timed dive- we just stayed down until one of us was low on air. Tortugas was about an 75 ft dive, and we were down there about 5o minutes. Jardains reef is a beautiful colorful ledge or reef. It's a drift dive, but we really took our time on it. Jason said the reef can be done in about 15 minutes, but we stopped to explore the nooks and crannies and took about 45 minutes. The current wasn't too swift so we really plodded along. Saw beautiful spiney lobsters, sea urchins, spotted moray's, more turtles and beautiful schools of anglefish. We even saw an octopus.

Unfortunately I missed the Cozumel dives because of car trouble. I don't know that I will rent a car in Cancun again. I was really looking forward to doing the wall dive in Cozumel. Guess I'll have to make another trip back soon :smiley20:.

I changed my plans to stay another day. Can you tell, I really didn't enjoy my trip? I planned another dive with Jason, and one other diver. We went to Tortugas reef again, and Tarpon Reef (I forget the real name in Spanish). On Tortugas this time we saw turtles, turtles and turtles. Also Tarpon, barracuda, lobsters... I could go on and on. It's a beautiful dive, and the current was swifter. Made it farther down the reef, and that's where we found the Tarpon. They are so beautiful.

Tarpon reef is a hand shaped, ledge reef. The current was quick, and the scenery beautiful. There were a couple cave swim throughs, and great scenery. At one point I drifted about 6 inches above a hawksbill turtle. The dives were beautiful, and I am already planning my next trip. Which will be with Jason. He was great to dive with and you can tell he really LOVES what he does.

So I'm hooked. I love it. I'll be getting my advanced certification so I can do the local wreck diving. Maybe get my lobster license next year. I'll need to find out more about the local diving. If anyone is local to the Boston area, I'd love to learn more about the diving around here. I don't want to lose any steam going through the winter!


10-08-2007, 14:20
Sounds like a great time, and congrats on your cert. We dove Cancun earlier this summer and also really enjoyed it. Thanks for the report.