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10-08-2007, 18:11
OK, it took a couple years but I finally dove in this quarry.

First off the visibility isn't as good as the shallow one or the deep one, there are some real objects in there, ie paper machines that people stole and smashed the mechanisms to get the coins out, then tossed over the ledge to get rid of the evidence.

I don't know why there's a cable going through it either, but I did follow it and nothing's attached to it, it just starts on top, goes down and then back up.

The visibility ranged from 5 feet to 0. At some point I could not see my dive computer with it held to my mask with the backglow on even, it was black as a cave. The depth I found was 40 feet, but I think it might be a bit deeper in spots if you looked. Of course you can't see jack no matter what light you have.

Just another spot to dive, it might be better in the Winter but I somehow doubt it will be much better. Temps are the normal for a quarry, you won't want to stay down deeper without a drysuit.

10-09-2007, 07:08
I am in St. Louis and would love to know od additional location in MO. Can you let me know where these sites are located?



10-09-2007, 12:45
I can show you on Sat before we head to Mine LaMotte or when we get back. Still a good drive for us.


10-09-2007, 22:03
The quarry is on 17. Basically drive like you're going to Eugene MO and when you come up on the first turn left after the working quarry go down that road a couple miles. Take Swift road to the right and drive down it. The first quarry is the shallow one, the quarry off to the right is the deep one and the one off to the left opposite the deep one is the third quarry, it's sometimes in need of a 4X4 if it rains. Don't use a low slung car, you might rip the bottom out of it.

Now, Scuba Adventure in JC owns those quarries and you need to pay them to dive there. Call them up and make arrangements. Do not dive there without permission.

Coming from STL I'm not sure I'd do those unless you just happen to be in the area. Basically I assume you'll head towards Columbia MO and then North to Jefferson City and past it towards Eldon MO. Half way there is the turn for Eugene MO.

It's not warm by the way, I think the bottom temps were 48 degree's last weekend. I like those temps however.

The depths by the way are roughly as follows. Shallow quarry might see 35 feet, the deep quarry might see 55 feet, and the other one seems to be around 40 feet. I think it might have a deeper spot but didn't pursue it since our third buddy got seperated and I had to track him down. I would have gone down deeper and seen for sure otherwise. Did I say the vis at times got to 0? I hate taking newer divers in 0 vis conditions, hard to say where they'll end up. To be fair we expected better vis than we got.

10-09-2007, 22:05
If you guys decide to dive there let me know, I'm off Saturday and if I don't dive I'm flying my plane. I was thinking of a trip to Kansas for BBQ at Paola, but I'd be just as happy diving.

Let me know for sure if you want to go though so I can make arrangements. Weather so far looks to be going good for the weekend.

10-09-2007, 22:56
Matt you could always join us at Mine LaMotte cleaning bear cans out of the bottom... It would be a haul for you from Moberly though. Here is a google earth file for it if you do not know where it is...


10-10-2007, 07:37
I've thought of it, mainly I've considered flying to the airport there. It's 3 miles away from the town, not quite sure yet where it is in relation to the dive spot, but since it's a shallow quarry I could fly back at a low altitude and be fine.

My concern like some others is this, suppose it gets cleaned up. Has the management made any indication it will implement a no littering program? I mean why waste the time to clean up the cans if the party crowd is just going to toss them back in there? Cleaning up garbage is something I've done for a while, in fact I still have a couple bags from Project Aware which I make a point to take time off work to do. But at least you tend to have an area that stays fairly clean.

Still, I have thought about it anyhow. I noticed no followups to the thread about cleaning it, how many takers are there so far?

10-11-2007, 19:41
Well we had 8 guys going but 2 just dropped out yesterday because they have a OW class that they need to help out with. So we have 6 going down there. If you would want to fly down just let me know and I could swing by there and pick you up. The airport is very close.

Supposedly the owner has said he is going to express to the partiers that litering is not going to be tolerated. Only time will tell though. I think that if we start getting more of a diver presence out there that it will help out. Some of the more experienced guys have been working on clearing rubble out from infront of the cave entrance. I will let everyone know how it is going after I get back. The main thread that all of us are keeping in touch with is on scubaboard. I posted the one here trying to see if I could find anyone that mainly uses this board that may be interested.

Have a good one..


10-13-2007, 07:52
If you would want to fly down just let me know and I could swing by there and pick you up. The airport is very close.

Be nice to go but the weather won't allow me to fly and make the trip this weekend. Sad because it won't let me do flying at all either, but maybe it will clear off later on. Right now it's looking bad enough that I can't even dive where I would have done that too.

There's always tomorrow.