View Full Version : Best Wreck/enclosed courses

10-10-2007, 08:13
I've seen mixed feelings on the PADI wreck diving course, revolving mostly around what the instructor provides.

If I'm looking to go inside wrecks, and possibly cave diving... what direction should I head? Should I go PADI? Or is there another route.

I'd like to try it for fun and... well, probably not profit, but at least for fun.

10-10-2007, 21:05
If you want to do penetration dives of any sort you go to some agency other than Padi. The Padi wreck diving course is not one meant to get you deep into a wreck, it's more of an intro to it.

IANTD, TDI, GUE, agencies like that are where you want the real deal. If you just want to see the outside of it then Padi is fine.

No disrespect to Padi meant, it's just that they don't teach hard core diving like that. I hear they will have a course back again that will, but until then you have to look elsewhere.

As for direction to take, get AOW, Nitrox, Drysuit, Rescue, Advanced Nitrox/Deco, then move into the technical arena from there. Be ready to take courses to dive doubles as well, can be done at any time or on your own if you want. Up until the Advanced Nitrox/Deco take them from any agency you want. Choose a good instructor who actually fails people.

10-11-2007, 07:31
If you are interested in cave diving, look into NACD. For wreck penetration courses look at NAUI. Both courses are considered technical diving so you will need to look at the pre-requisites for both courses, so you will know what certs you need to enter either course. Good luck!

10-11-2007, 17:06
I'd only add for Cave diving, the big 'two + one' are NACD, NSS-CDS and GUE. I mean no disrespect to GUE but their philosophies and training progression is different enough to get the distinction of the '+ one'.

IANTD and TDI also of cave training but I believe most of the good active instructors their are also NACD or NSS as well.

Do yourself a favor in this, look long and hard for a compatible instructor to your learning style. There are A LOT of good instructors names I could give, each with a slightly different style. This training is tough, especially mentally. (well physically too if your out of shape). Do understand that with cave and tec training, you pay for training, not the cert. That you have to earn and there are not any guarantees about that.

10-11-2007, 17:27
I can only speak for cavern/cave. My training is NACD, NSS-CDS and IANTD. I'm with these agencys solely because the instructor I chose certifies through them. Like in_cavediver said- you pay for the instruction. People can and do wash out. Break thirds with my instructor and you might as well pack up your gear and go home, you're finished. This is serious bidness.