View Full Version : Best All-Inclusives for Diving???

10-10-2007, 09:34
I'm looking for some new all-inclusive resort options for dive trips. My wife and adult children really enjoy not having to deal with money while on vacation - so new suggestions are appreciated.

We like nice sandy beaches and are fairly kick-back divers - our goal isn't to see how many times we can dive in a week - but to see how much fun we can have and how relaxed we can be.

We been to the Occidental Grand in Cozumel 2 times - and although we have stayed at nicer resorts - we find the convenience and proximity to the dive sites hard to beat.

The good:

We can leave Omaha, NE at 6 AM and be in Coz by 11 AM - SWEET
Less than 10 minute boat rides to most sites
Flexible dive schedule - they come back to the resort for the dive interval - so you can choose from 4 or 5 different dive times throughout the day
We've enjoyed almost all the dive masters
Small dive groups when we were there (never more than 8)
All the food and drinks you want are included
Fairly large beach area
Adult pool (great place for a drink and read a book or relax)

The Bad:

The food was just "ok" - not bad - but not great
The entertainment at night was pretty poor
A long ways from town (which is both good and bad I guess)

So - where would you suggest we look? We've been to Jamaica and don't care to go back. We've done condos (not all-inclusive) in Grand Cayman - loved the diving but everything was quite expensive.