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10-11-2007, 14:55
Below is a note I sent to both FantaSea and B&H photos, from whom I purchased the enclosure.

I must state that I am quite disappointed with the quality of both the FantaSea product as well as their customer service.

On the second dive with the product, the plastic wheel inside the housing crumbled and fell off. Nothing could have come into contact with this wheel, as it was inside of the housing which remained closed except when inserting the camera.

FantaSea sent me through a series of e-mails and finally insisted on my providing a picture of the damage. I had perfectly described the problem and there could be no doubt as to what the image would show. As my computer at home was down, getting the photo was not an easy matter. Yet, I did so.

This product failed on the second dive.

I am now told that the service center must wait 30 days for parts to arrive from Israel.

It is unacceptable that this product just prior to my second dive with the product. Further, over six weeks to repair is unacceptable. If I had the opportunity I would exchange the housing for an Ikelite and pay the balance. I am supremely skeptical of the quality of the Fantasea product and will happily tell as many people as I can (and, being a member of the two largest SCUBA forums on the internet, the number is quite large) of my concerns for the quality of the FantaSea product, their quality of customer service and advise them to spend the extra money and get a quality product from ikelite.

Further, Fantasea does not answer my e-mails concerning my concerns.

10-11-2007, 15:28
Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Fantasea housing. I know several people who have them and have not experienced any issues. Seems to me that since you've had it for such a short time that B&H should exchange it for you but I guess not everyone can provide the good service that the folks at ST give.

I dive with an Ikelite housing and highly recommend one if you are given the opportunity to exchange !!!

10-11-2007, 15:35
First of all I am very sorry that your housing failed, it certainly not fun when any equipment fail. However I have had a Fantasea housing for a few month which I use weekly, and have been very happy with it, I feel it is a very well built housing. I also don't think that asking for a picture of the problem is inconsistant with good customer service, I feel that it is a prety fair request. Furthermore I don't think that 6 weeks is that bad. I recently had a zipper break on my Mares wetsuit and it took them 10 weeks to fix...

While I can understand your frustration, I do think that even the best companies will have one of their products fail every so often, and I have never heard of a very fast turnaround with warranty issue.

It seems that the dealer should have been more responsive by exchanging it for a working unit.

10-12-2007, 08:24
I would have preferred not to be writing at this forum - I prefer to do my job by corresponding directly with my customers and not on internet forums, however I feel the need to correct some of the points made my Dale, and seeing he has brought this into the public eye it is my duty to respond and put out our side of the story.


I do feel that Dale has been looking to bad mouth Fantasea in public from the beginning of his correspondence with us as I found his tone less than courteous from the beginning, but I chose to ignore this, recognizing that he was distressed by the failing of the housing.

For the record, Dale's complaint about his FP-5000 is the first warranty issue that I am dealing with this housing since this housing was released. This says a lot about the quality of the housing. It is our standard practice to ask for a photograph and it is intended to benefit the customer and not burden them, as in some cases by seeing the problem we can solve the problem without having to send the housing to a service center. There was a real need for us to see the problem and assess the damage. In retrospect, if we had understood that Dale had such a problem with supplying the photograph, we could have skipped this stage and asked him to send the housing directly to the service center.

Regarding the delay in getting the housing, a month is not out of the ordinary in this industry and we have heard of other companies taking even longer. We have offered Dale a replacement housing to use while his is being repaired, but we have not heard from him if he wants to take us up on this offer.

As regarding the delay in response, Dale posted this comment on this forum (and another) ONLY 26 hours after sending me his previous email. He did not check whether I had responded and whether my response had been caught by a spam filter. In fact at the end of September he wrote to me and then wrote to me again accusing me of ignoring him, and it turned out that I had responded 3 days earlier and he had never received that mail, so it would have been courteous to double check with me first before assuming that we were not responding. As it happens we are right after a holiday period for us, and we are busy preparing to attend the Dive Show this weekend in the UK and that is the reason for the slight delay in responding to Dale. Please note that since Dale also cc'd B&H in his final mail to me and I sent my reply back to them as well, I received an automated response from them yesterday apologizing for the delay in their response due to their holiday period - and there store was closed for over a week where you could not contact them at all. We aim to answer all our mail within 48 hours - more often or not, a customer receives a reply from us within 12 hours or even less, but despite our best intentions, it is not possible to reach this standard 100% of the time.

Any member of this forum who has a problem with any Fantasea product is welcome to contact me directly ([email protected]), or by opening a support ticket through our website, and I will personally respond to any problems and work with them to reach a mutually satisfactory solution. We also offer very thorough post-sales technical support, that can also be coordinated through me or through our website.

We pride ourself at Fantasea on the high level of our customer service and are constantly working towards improving it. We are also aware of our limitations, and know that you can't please everyone all the time, and that there is always going to be someone who would rather bad mouth you to the world, and criticize you than work with you to find a satisfactory solution.

ScubaToys Larry
10-12-2007, 08:32
I appreciate you coming on to the forum and helping explain your side. We all know every coin has two sides, and it sounds like you are doing your best to try to solve this problem. Maybe if emails were getting stuffed into spam filters going both ways, the PM feature of this forum can have the two of you communicate and resolve your problems.

I've looked into Fantasea products in the past, but we never picked them up. Our company is based on customer service - it's what I feel is our most valuable asset - so it is good to see you take the time to respond to the issues here.

I'm sure I'll see you at Dema, and maybe we can talk about picking up the line this time around.

Thanks again for taking the time to join our forum to respond.

10-14-2007, 07:21
Fantasea seems interested in replacing the housing, or at least providing a replacement until the original is fixed. We'll see how this shakes out, but at least they have finally starting talking customer support.

10-14-2007, 08:37
I will stick with Ikelite:smiley20:


10-15-2007, 10:54
It appears that the "problem" with contacting FantaSea is that I was not using Skype. I'm not sure I see it as an adequate communication medium, but perhaps had I installed and used Skype my problems would have been addressed sooner.

As someone said, there are, indeed, two sides to every story. Often, neither side fully sees the light of day.

I'll lay this to rest, my major concerns have been addressed.

11-18-2007, 13:29
We've used one of there housings on a Nikon camera for 4 years and have never had a problem. We had Sealife camera's before and they flooded twice. Our current Canon housing seems very fragile and has had a slight leak. Canon offered no warranty service.