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10-12-2007, 19:55
Evening All:

Soliciting suggestions for a Spring Break trip next year, 15 - 22 March. Affordability is a prime concern. The boss and the kids don't dive, although the kids want to dive. Direct flight is mandatory according to the boss. Ideas? Thanks.

10-12-2007, 20:30
Do you want to keep it in the US or does it matter. How old are the kids.

You could fly into Fort Lauderdale rent a car and hit the Keys. You could all go out on a snorkeling trip and you could do some diving when they visited John Pennekamp state park. Although though the kids might get bored after a few days. There are also beaches in the Ft. Lauderdale are you could visit which are much better then any you will find in the Keys.

10-12-2007, 20:56

You raise a good point. I'm not sure. The boss heard an ad on the radio talking about flying to Jamaica direct from this area (D.C.). Any suggestions there?

We did Key Largo last Spring Break. Wasn't certified as I hadn't done my OW qual dives. We all loved it. Personally, I'd go back. The kids and I loved snorkeling. They'd go back in a minute. They want to get certified, but we want them older (13 and 11) and more mature (physicall and mentally). Anyway, the boss would like to go see another place. Been there, done that, time to go somewhere different is her attitude. Can't blame her, there's only so much time and money.

Fort Lauderdale came to mind. However, as Spring Break for our kids' school system is earlier, because they get the week leading up to Easter, than normal and would coincide with college Spring Breaks...Fort Lauderdale didn't seem like a good place. Of course, where to stay... I've looked into it and they are outfits that do both scuba and snorkeling so that could work. Just not sure if I want to be around all those college kids and more importantly, I don't want my kids to see how I was! :smiley2:

10-12-2007, 21:01
some folks from my school scuba club went to cozumel. it was not expensive (otherwise they would not go). i don't know about the flight availability from your place.
bonaire is considered to be inexpensive (besides flights).

10-12-2007, 21:11
When we went to Bonaire there was nothing inexpensive about it. I think the Jamaica idea would be better or maybe US Virgin Islands.

10-14-2007, 23:05
have you tried the Bahamas? usually have cheap airfare - and some family resorts that are reasonably affordable. Try cheapcaribbean.com

Also, Curacao has several direct flights, diving similar to Bonaire but a lot easier to get too.

10-15-2007, 08:11
bversteegh, thanks for the suggestion and the link. I'll check it out and have to see what the boss thinks. If she likes it, especially the price and if we can get an "affordable" direct flight, we may have a winner. Thanks again.