View Full Version : Analog or Digital

10-13-2007, 21:27
I've recently aquired a digital u/w camera and was wonder the differences between a digital strobe and an analog one.

10-13-2007, 23:05
Not exactly sure what you mean by a digital or analog strobe - probably referring to compatible with digital preflash? The problem with older film strobes is they are triggered by the first flash from the camera; and digital Point and Shoots have a preflash to set exposure; and most strobes can't recycle fast enough to dump again with the main flash.

There are strobes specifically designed to be compatible with the preflash from compact digital cameras (Ikelite DS51, DS125, DS200, Inon D2000 and D240, plus Some Sea and Sea's like YS90 and 115- and others I am sure). So you need to do a little research on what type strobe you need - they range from a few hundred for Ike DS51 to over a thousand for DS200.