View Full Version : Help which inflator/reg to buy

Capt. Morgan
10-14-2007, 13:00
i have a Balance b/c. I want to put an inflator/octo on it. Suggestions as to which would work best on this b/c would be appreciated. I'd like to keep it under $200.:fulle:

10-14-2007, 13:26
The Aqualung Air Source 2 is a good match, but I can't find a price anywhere for it. On the Aqualung website it shows that as an accessory, but none of the listed dealers around here have it on their websites to get a price. And it doesn't look like scuba toys is an authorized Aqualung dealer. I don't know if any other models will fit your particual BCD or not.

10-14-2007, 16:09
The Atomic SS1 might fit. The unit comes with 3 "universal" adapters to insert in various corrugated hose diameters. I have used both the Air-source and the SS1 (a lot). SS1 is by far the superior breather and very convenient in that you can unscrew it from your BC. Makes storage, transport and cleaning very easy.
To the best of my knowledge, only USD/Aqualung -Seaquest hose assemblies will fit their BC's at the shoulder. So that limits your choices. But the beauty of the SS1, remove the inflator only and attach.http://www.atomicaquatics.com/SS1.html
An inline secondstage may be an option for you as well. You don't rplace your inflator, they attach between your bc's lp port and the existing inflator.

10-14-2007, 16:22
Nice idea. Very universal. If you upgrade you BC, that particular model can go with you, and it is under the $200 dollar mark.

10-14-2007, 18:19
ask the Scuba Toys guys if you can get a Zeagle Octo Z. you will likely need a whole new inflator hose assembly because the Octo Z screws on and off allowing for storage in your regulator bag and leaves the female part to screw in a garden hose for cleaning the inside of the bladder after dives.
The Octo Z sells for around $180 on Scuba Toys site and that is before the 10% discount.