View Full Version : Whats a good mask, fin, and snorkel?

10-14-2007, 13:38
I was wondering what you all think is a good mask, fins, and snorkel? I have been using a cressi mask that didnt fit to well and kept flooding with water so I got quite good at clearing my mask during my classes. I was also using ScubaPro twin jets as fins and I dont know how you all feel about those. Also whats a good snorkel or do you just need something basic?

10-14-2007, 13:42
I use the Sealife True Color which brings out the color in the water and thats my favorite mask and it also is made of only 20% plastic so its comfprtable around your face. I also use the Scuba pro Jetfins butim saving for twins so stay with those and a basic snorkel unless your traveling places and cant dive the day before the flight and still wanna be in the watter or your a free diver also

10-14-2007, 13:47
I would say that a good mask, fins and snorkel are are set that fit you well, are comfortable and don't have problems like leaking. There are so many manufactures out there and all are probably great products, you just have to find ones that fit you well. You can test a mask in the store by placing it agains you face without the strap on and suck in through your nose. If the mask seals and sucks against your face you should have a pretty good fit. If they have a pool, ask if you can try the mask in the pool just to be sure there are no leakage issues and if you normally wear a hood, take it with you and wear it with the mask. It is always better to test the gear wearing what you would normally be wearing on a dive.

10-14-2007, 14:32
I use the Ocean Master Primero mask and Cressi frog fins. A Tusa hyperdry snorkel. Anyway, you really need to try on different masks to make sure you get one that fits right. I LOVE my equipment!

10-14-2007, 14:42
This is a great snorkel and very cheap too!


10-14-2007, 15:30
thanks everyone for the replies, should the mask have a clear skirt or a black one? I was told it really needed to be black to prevent sunlight from getting in through the skirt and causing a headache????

10-14-2007, 15:52
I have a clear skirt on my mask. No real experience with the black skirt. I did talk to one of the instructors about the difference and they said they prefer the black skirt because it helps keep light fom entering through the skirt and causing a glare on the lens. I could see how this would happen. I mainly dive in the lakes and once I'm down to 30 feet there is no sunlight anyways so this isn't much of an issue for me. I think that like all gear is is a personal choice, but I could see the advantage of not having a glare that a clear skirt could possibly cause. Not sure if it would be the cause of a headache, but if there was a glare it might cause a headache from the excess light and trying hard to look through the glare.

If in doubt I think i'd go for the black skirt. I can't see any disadvantages to having a black skirt, although someone here with more experience may be able to shed some light on any cons if they exist. And if there was a possibility of a glare or a headache, why risk it.

10-14-2007, 20:09
I love the atomic frameless mask. It comes in two sizes so you can probably get a good fit in one or the other. It also comes with a black or clear skirt, so your choice there too. I have the medium mask with the black skirt and love the fit, low volume, super clear 'glass', large field of vision, basically everything about it.

10-14-2007, 20:42
mask - fit fit fit. try it in the store. don't buy off the web unless you can return it. brand is secondary to the fit. every major brand makes good masks. the nose purge thing - i'd say no 'cos it can irritate your nose but some may disagree.
snorkel - any thing is ok. i'm not a big fan of dry ones.
fins - you've got split and non-split. read some on this forum. there is a big discussion about this issue. split ones - bio-fins, tusa zoom are one of the best ones. non-split - scubapro is the most popular for the last 40 years.

10-15-2007, 01:04
as far as the black frame vs clear frame...I like the clear frames, although when the sun is just right, there can be a tad bit of glare... I have never felt claustrophobic in my entire life until I used a black skirted mask... It was manageable, but I definitely didn't like it... After trying a couple different masks, I settled on a low volume low profile Tusa mask (Viewtrek)... I definitely do not like the masks with the purge valves - that thing in the nose pocket sucks... as far as fins, I am happy with the Tusa Xpert Zooms underwater, but they are not comfy for face in water surface swims... biggest thing, as mentioned, is fit and water tightness...