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10-14-2007, 20:07
Now that the car is unpacked, the cooler emptied and the gear rinsed and drying out, I can post about the rescue class that I just completed.

There is a long list of amazing professionals and volunteers who made this class great. Thank you to Jeff, Nick, Sean, Greg, Kerry, David, Kevin, Other Jeff, the Instructor Guy I Towed in From the OW Class Down the Lake, Mack for guiding us through the first night of class, and anyone else I might have inadvertently overlooked or left out. These guys kept us thinking and on our toes the whole course. We all had a great time, learned so much, and feel like better divers for having this experience. My eyes have been opened and I know that I will be a more observant, responsive and safe diver.

To my classmates Bill, Joy, Shane, Chad, Dan, Corey, Mark, Jason, Denise, and Tom another huge thanks!! I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the weekend, the water, and the rescues with you all! And an extra thank you to Bill for being a great buddy to dive with.

Game On...

10-14-2007, 20:13
Congrats on the accomplishment. Can't wait until I can join your ranks as a rescue diver. Hopefully next summer.

10-14-2007, 20:25
Not only was it a good time, but it was the best class I've ever taken. I know I'm a stronger diver for having taken it.

Now, I must sleep...for a week.

Good Night...

10-16-2007, 16:22
Looking forward to this class as well. I think the next one is after the holidays. And FYI: I unpack, rinse, sleep, and THEN post... in that order. You're a better individual than me :)