View Full Version : Ginnie Springs 19-21st

10-14-2007, 22:02
Don't see it posted here yet, this coming weekend is when SB is having their Fall Megadive at Ginnie Springs. Anyone is welcome to come, I know many people on ST also watch SB, but if any of you STers haven't heard, you are more than welcome!

Any age, gender, cert level, etc. Most diving will be done the 20th, with a few "planned"/group dives and as many "unplanned" dives as you can fit into the day.

It's about $20 to camp each night, and $30 to dive. Any gear can be rented at Ginnie, as far as I know.

SB has the Turkey Roost area reserved, if you are new to Ginnie, tell the people you are with Scubaboard in the Turkey Roost camp and they'll point you inthe right direction.