View Full Version : New Sherwood Reg

10-17-2007, 17:19
Has anyone seen the new Sherwood SR1 reg. It's supposed to be unveiled at DEMA, but i was curious if anyone else has heard anything about it. To me it looks like a Scubapro.

ScubaToys Larry
10-17-2007, 17:29
That's the thing about sherwood... very little of their stuff, at least historically is new stuff. They do a lot of purchasing from other companies, then re-brand it with their name... see GS2000 reg, Sherwood Wisdom, etc.

I always prefer dealing with the parent company that actually makes the stuff as if there is ever any kind of warranty issue, upgrades, etc - they are the ones who are actually going to know about it first, and be able to do something about it.