View Full Version : Slight problem with escape bladder

10-19-2007, 12:09
I think there is a problem with the rear dump valve on my escape. It seams that the spring is weak or something because when the thing gets close to full it starts to leak. I have made sure the gasket doesn't have any sand or anything on it, and the only other thing I can think of is the spring isn't strong enough. so, I was wondering where I could get a new spring for it, or should I just send it back to zeagle?

10-19-2007, 13:48
Maybe the seal is bad. send it back of have an authorized shop replace it. It's inexpensive.

10-19-2007, 23:29
This is actually marchand; I am just using JahJah's account for no reason.

I already checked the seal: all the rubber is good.

10-20-2007, 02:16
Are you sure it's not the overpressurization relief? If the bladder gets too full it will automatically dump air until it isnt over pressurized.

ScubaToys Larry
10-20-2007, 05:36
It's supposed to bleed at some point - but if you feel it's doing it too easy, you can unscrew it, and just stretch the spring a bit.. then put it back in. That's all there is too it.

10-21-2007, 13:42
It definitely isn't overpressure relief because the thing isn't even full when it starts squealing.

Larry, Thanks for the advice , I'm going to try it right now and see if it works.

10-21-2007, 13:57
Larry, it works so much better now, thanks!