View Full Version : Wreck lighting options...

10-22-2007, 12:44
As I posted before I am taking my wreck course over the next week. I have a pair of UK SL-6 lights I am using clipped to my BC using dog clips with a smaller UK light permanently mounted on my mask strap as a backup. I suspect I will be using my hands quite a bit when inside for reel work and moving around and don't want to wrap a lanyard around my wrist for lights.

I saw cannister style lights with the head that wraps around the back of the hand and this appeals, but these light systems are several hundred dollars and I suspect I will only use it when in an overhead environment so the cost is prohibitive. Are there any moderately priced lights for the back of the hand out there?

Something fairly rugged with a reasonable burn time would be nice. Within recreational NDL is fine, I don't plan on doing anything extreme with it.