View Full Version : strobe problem with my Mx-10

10-24-2007, 22:06
I bought a used Mx-10 from a guy i work with. The problem that i'm having is the large strobe for it, doesn't work all the time. It seems like it will only work if the camera is held facing the ground, or if i wiggle it around i can sometimes get it to work right. I know it's got a optical link between the camera and strobe and i've cleaned them, and it didn't help. Can anybody give me any direction to get the stupid thing working.

10-27-2007, 22:04
I used to have the MX-10, but haven't used it for a while. Will it work when it is attached to the camera? I had trouble using the optical link while trying to hand hold the strobe.

Also, I think the newer models actually had a fiber optic cable - is it possible you have a newer one and the fiber optic cable is missing?

Finally, have you tried different batteries? Mine was kind of cranky about batteries - didn't like rechargables very well.