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10-25-2007, 14:50
I just got an Aeris AI. Read the manual, seems easy enough, lots of stuff to remember so I am certain I will have to reference it often, at first, but still the manual is simple enough.
And, I like the looks of the computer, I like it's small-ness and the screen seems easy enough to read.
But, I have one question, how do you; or specifically, how do I, attach this sucker to me? There is no loop, hook, or anything to attach a bolt snap, clip, bungee, or whatever.
I do not want it hanging around, that causes drag and has the possibility of hitting coral or dragging on the bottom. I want to attach it to me but how do I do that?
I have the QD which means I cant tie on a bolt snap like one does for the primary reg or backup lights, I am wondering if I can attach a bungee around the neck of the compass and yet still have it accessible for me to remove, read and replace.
What do you other Aeris AI owners do?

No Misses
10-25-2007, 14:55
There is a small flip up ring on the back. It does not look sturdy enough for me to trust. I attached a bolt snap to the hose connector. You can use a cable tie, cave line, or do like I did on my Aeris AI and use a Driverite hose clip retainer. There is no danger of the DC comming loose from the end of the hose (just try and remove it with the line pressurized). I have my "clip retainer" in the grove at the base of the QD, between the DC and Hose.

(Clip not included) Hose Clip Retainer

The Hose Clip Retainer is a simple device to replace the need for cable ties, O-rings or cave line to attach clips to regulator and SPG hoses. Simply pass the bungee through the clip opening, around the hose, and over the tab. This connection is secure but can still be easily removed for reconfiguring. http://diveriteexpress.com/regs/img/ac2019a.jpg
(Clip not included)

No Misses
10-25-2007, 15:05
Here are some pics. The underwater shot shows me with the DC unclipped and sitting on my forearm during Safety stop. The other shot shows my kit sitting loose. Note that the hose retainer has been slid up on the hose. Normally it is right at the junction between DC and QD hose.

10-25-2007, 15:18
Thanks everyone. I didnt notice the ring on the back. I played with it and it seems to rotate out. I might attach a bolt snap to it or I might just tie on a bolt snap to the hose.
I was thinking if on the hose, it would have to be so far back from the computer that the weight of the computer would cause the bolt snap to slide up the hose.
Hey, if that doesnt work, I can always tie it on the rotating ring.
Thanks again.

10-25-2007, 18:41
I'm using the ring (with a retractor) on the computer, but it doesn't seem very sturdy. I'm thinking about doing the bolt snap thing...thanks for posting the pics.

10-26-2007, 05:48
My wife uses the AI and she slides the computer and hose down thru her bc strap she just pushes it up or down when she uses it works great for her

10-26-2007, 10:12
Last night I tied a bolt snap on the hose with some cave line. I am leaving for Roatan early in the morning and when I come back next weekend, I will let you know how it worked on my dives.

10-26-2007, 15:19
Ooh, please do!! Thanks.

10-28-2007, 12:40
If the snap doesnt work for ya, another way is to use a piece of elastic around the compass neck, with the clip running behind so it doesnt block your vision, i clip my computer (pro plus 2) to my shoulder strap, which u can do w/ the AI also. With the clip behind it normally sits right where u can read it w/out rotating it.