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10-27-2007, 01:02
I had the pleasure to actually go to scuba toys and shop. I must say I was very pleased and impressed. For starters the place is huge compared to shops I have been in. More importantly, I found knowledgeable sales people that were not on commission. I found that out because based on my wants,Wade actually recommended a less expensive regulator and further suggested that a bio-filter might actually save me lots of money and give me satisfaction. I really appreciate people who are listening to me and trying to help me achieve my goals, not theirs.
Also, I was only in Dallas for a short time and when I explained that we had no LDS at home they got my regulator serviced over nite. That was not promised but it was appreciated.Who wants to worry about getting the reg back and catching the flight on time? I was also given a "package deal" since I got a little out of the box and bought some items not on my list that I really wanted.
I would not hesitate to purchase online,but it was truly a pleasure to go into their store and find out the attitude you find here is also the attitude you find there.
I have not had the pleasure of trying my new gear yet , we're heading for Aruba in the next few weeks and will let you guys know just how correct your suggestions were. I am quite anxious to give it a try.
I really appreciate the fact that the in store lives up to what you convey on line.
FYI, I purchased the zeagle brigade after much consideration and conversation, it's not a "womans" bc ,but, it seemed to fit good and have all the features I wanted. Fodder for another thread.
Thanks guys, I have happily recommended you to other friends.:smiley20:

10-27-2007, 08:50
Congrats on your new gear and your visit to ST!! There's no rule about buying a "womans" BC if you're a woman, so enjoy your Brigade in good health. :)

10-27-2007, 08:56
Thanks for sharing. I am looking foward to the day I can make a road trip and give ScubaToys a visit in person. Can't wait and the credit card companies will probably love me for it :)

10-27-2007, 09:46
Yeah, it's a neat experience walking into the shop for the first time. Agree that the sales staff is top notch. Been helped by Will a few times, and he always does a great job for me.