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10-27-2007, 03:42
Anyone use a Sea Cure mouthpiece on an Apeks XTX200?

Which mouthpiece is the most suited to this reg, the Type II or the Pro II/

The ST description says:

Regs that use Type II have a standard lip 1-7/16" x 7/8" and include: Aeris, Apex, Chiaro, Dacor Viper, Dive Rite, Forte, Genesis, Halcyon Rebreather, Mares - Newer, Ocean Reef, Ocean Edge, Oceanic, Seaquest, Sherwood (Maximus/Oasis after 92 Blizzard), Sporasub, Teckna, Zeagle"

Sea Cure Pro II - which fits the Apex Regulators"

I'm confused.......................

ScubaToys Larry
10-27-2007, 06:15
There is virtually no difference between the 2 and the pro 2. It used to be they had the standard - which actually looks like the picture we have there, then they did this pro version that didn't have the yellow thing on the inside - it turns out that slightly restricts performance, so they took it out.

It was to stop the end from getting distorted when you boil the tabs - but now they came up with this plug you stick in the end and that takes care of it. So the Pro 2 was the first to do that, then they decided it was a good idea, and they did it on all of them and then called it the high flow.

So the long and short - order either because they are basically identical, except for what they say on the box.

10-28-2007, 05:56
I own the Apeks XTX200 and I had the same query when looking for the right Seacure, so I emailed the Seacure people and see what they say. Here is their reply, word for word:

The Pro and regular SeaCure IIs are both the same diameter. The orifice of the Apeks regulators is slightly larger than most other regs, making SeaCure a tight fit. We have been told by numerous customers that it is possible to get a regular SeaCure II on Apeks, but the Pro II goes on easier. The difference is that the Pro is thicker, making it easier to stretch onto an oversized reg. Whichever you decide to try, warm the end of the SeaCure that goes on the reg - use warm, not hot water, or some people use some type of lubricant. Get it onto the reg before you mold it in your mouth. The chance you're taking with a regular II is that the seam on the side of the mouthpiece could split if it is forced too hard. If you are careful, warm it, and then slowly stretch it on, you should be ok.

I'm sure Larry is right (of course he is!!), both II and Pro-2 should fit fine.

10-28-2007, 09:00
I personally dont like the sea-cure style mouth pieces. I had one and it gave me a sore jaw and sore gums, especially after long dives.

I prefer the comfo bite version of mouth piece as I dont have to bite down on it. They might not last as long as they are soft but they are cheaper. Also prefer the black ones as they look better :smiley2:


10-28-2007, 20:59
The reason I'm asking about the SeaCure mouthpiece is that the regular Apeks mouthpiece has a piece that runs across the top that sits against the roof of my mouth just above the inside gum line and this gets aggrivated on long dives.

Does anyone else have this problem with the Apeks regs?

ScubaToys Larry
10-28-2007, 21:02
That's the comfo bite that Aussie is talking about that he likes.... I guess why it's good there are different mouthpieces because there are different mouthes!

I also prefer the seacure to the comfo bite with the roof thing... Try stuff until you find what you like!

10-28-2007, 21:14
Thanks Larry. I guess what's comfortable for one Aussie is not for another. I guess I'll try the SeaCure ProII.

G'day from Sydney Aussie!

10-29-2007, 01:39
Thanks Larry. I guess what's comfortable for one Aussie is not for another. I guess I'll try the SeaCure ProII.

G'day from Sydney Aussie!

G'day from the North Coast 2dogs.

Larry is right, try them all out and get what suits you. I had a JAX mouth piece which i think is similar to the Seacure. It was too hard and gave me a sore jaw and gums. I do get sore gums with the comfo bite but thats after a few days of doing long multiple dives on a liveaboard.