View Full Version : West Palm Beach Dive Report - 10/27/2007

10-27-2007, 21:09
Well - today was my first dives after being sick and with the new gear! I must say that it was overall - two very enjoyable dives.

Air temperature was 87F, water temperature was 83F - no wetsuit required :) Visibility was about 60-70 feet :)
We did have 6-8 foot waves out there today and about 5 people on the boat got seasick!

Both dives were pretty nice drift dives - average depth was around 50ft with max depth of 60ft..

Saw several moray eels up to about 6-8ft long. Also saw 3 or 4 scorpion fish throughout the dive. Also s aw about 10 divers who needed some serious work on their buoyancy control :smiley20: Had several issues with some dumbdumbs - but it was an enjoyable dive!

All the new gear worked out well - only issue was my octo was very hard to breath from and needs some adjustment - but no big deal at all! Any questions about the dive I might have left out please ask! Hopefully Ill get some dives tomorrow too!

Dark Wolf
10-27-2007, 21:38
Congrats on getting back in the water again, Will!

10-27-2007, 22:22
Glad you had a good time. What dive op did you go with ?

10-27-2007, 22:37
Doug @ Diving Solutions - good operation - just beware of the platform :p

10-29-2007, 01:13
Thanks for the report. Next weekend I'll try to go down there and get in a drift dive.