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10-27-2007, 22:40
Ok, I get headaches real easy from water temperature. I tried those neoprene head thingys and they gave me a bigger headach. My daughter found a site that has do-rags and i found a site that has some nice ski type caps. Problem is I have lng hair that I wear in a braid slicked back with got2b glue. It also holds a nice seal on the mask.
Has anyone actually used those do-rags? they lok like they wuld tay in place better than the watch caps.

10-28-2007, 10:35
One of the guys I dive with wears a do-rag when he dives (thin, cotton kind). There is no real insulating value, he just wears it to keep his hair out of the way. It appears to work, and stays on his head OK. I think you have to put it on wet, or it will loosen up.

Not sure if this is a cure for headaches, though. Your head would be just about as cold with and without a little cotton do-rag.

Can you tell if it's your head getting cold that is the problem or your ears getting cold that is the problem? You might try a full neoprene hood and see what happens. The neoprene beanie that you tried should have done the trick in keeping the top of your head warm, yet you still got a headache.

Hmmm.....that's all I have to suggest.

10-28-2007, 16:36
I hate things on my head but I went with the baseball type of neoprene cap

10-28-2007, 16:56
I wear a full hood or nothing on the dome at all. Since I keep my hair really short, I only wear a hood for insulation and if it is not needed I have no problems with my hair.

As BobbyWombat said it may be your ears and not your head that is causing the problem. Something to consider anyways. A hood may be the ticket or a proear mask to keep out the water.

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10-28-2007, 19:34
I had my local wet suit shop make me a 3 mil beanie with a velcro chin strap. It stays on well and is comfortable since it was made for my head size. Not the cheapest option, but an effective one.