View Full Version : Athens 9-21

10-29-2007, 13:15
I went out to Athens Scuba park on 9-21. This was my first time their. I was a little surprised at the location, I think I had pictured it out in the country somewhere. My first impression was not great. It just looked like an abandoned work site. I did like that it only cost $15 to get in and air fills were only 5 bucks. I was impressed with the little dive shop. I thought they had a lot of stuff for that small of a place. Some of the sale items were pretty cheap. I also enjoyed seeing the item that the owner had found and hearing a little about them.
The water was pretty clear, but a little cold for me (around 73-74). I wore a 3mm and was cold by the end of my dives. We were their on a Sunday so by the end of our first dive their was only about 1 group left. Air fills took a long time and when the train went throu you knew it!
Over all I thought the place was OK. I liked swiming thru the plane, bus, boat.... The only thing that turnd me off was the lack of anything alive. I really like to see fish and the bottom of athens looks like a moon scape with nothing to look at but the sunken stuff. With Terrall and Athens being about the same distance from my house, I would go again, but I prefer Terrall.

10-29-2007, 13:17
Thanks, I've thought about going to Athens, but it's further than Terrel from my location, so I'll keep this in mind.