View Full Version : Tusa Black XS-S XpertZoom Fins

11-04-2007, 09:58
Hey guys, my sister recently did a trip to California to do some diving, and accidentally left her fins at home so she had to buy some for the trip, and was hoping to return them however the store would not accept them back

Anywho, she loves them but, doesnt dive enough to need to hold onto this investment.

So, she is selling her black Tusa XpertZoom split fines size XS-S. They have been used on 2 dives, have some cosmetic damage on the top (the dives were shallow so they dove heavy on the bottom to prevent bouncing with the surge above them).

She paid $169.99 and is asking for maybe $120 or so, make an offer!
From Atlanta, shipping would be picked up from her end as well.

Here are some pictures:




12-31-2007, 08:41
too bad they were open heels... i'm looking for a pair of full foots! :-(