View Full Version : Oceanic Air XS combo octo/inflator includes all brand new

11-06-2007, 13:21
I got 2 Oceanic Air XS with corrugated hose, dump valve and combo inflator/octo all brand new. I also will include the LP hose which is not new but is in great condition with only 16 or so dives. I got 1 assembly which is 14" and the other is 18". Please reply here or send me an email if you are interested. I was going to post on ebay but decided to give this forum a try before I do. These sell between $150 - $190 last time I checked depending on where and if sold complete or just the Air XS unit alone. So send me a note with your offer, assume some S&H charges as well. Let me know... Later...

11-08-2007, 07:14
Got pics up:http://www.xsn.net/~nestor/airxs18.JPGhttp://www.xsn.net/~nestor/airxs.JPG

11-13-2007, 16:57
Sold the 18", looking for a home for the 14" one... Got it listed on ebay, listed for $140 but listening to better offers... Thanks...

11-13-2007, 21:54
They sold on ebay. If deal falls through I will repost. Thanks all...