View Full Version : Oceanic Preasure gauge, compass and computer boot

11-07-2007, 12:48
For sale 2 Oceanic Versa consoles, included are the preasure gauge (w temp), back side has oceanic compass and top has Versa boot (computer not included, fits versa pro or versa VT). You could remove the computer boot and have a streamlined compass/preasure gauge (ideal if you have your computer on your arm or if you want a preasure gauge for your pony). Selling cause I got the new oceanic navcon's. These only have about 20 dives each. Have no idea how to price these since when I purchase them with the computer at the time. But message or email me with an offer and we'll go from there. I will work on uploading some pics and providing the link. Later.

11-08-2007, 07:17
Got some pics:

11-13-2007, 16:58
Update. $60 per including shipping.