View Full Version : sardine run

11-07-2007, 15:13
not sure where i should put this, but, has anyone gone to the sardine run in south africa? i'd love to hear about it.

11-08-2007, 13:37
Yeah I used to go down for it every year, 2004/5/6

Very much hit and miss, as there is no guarantee where or when the sardines will start showing up. Best way to experience it is with a group who charter a boat and go up and down the coast with the help of spotter planes. Most of the dives we did were on snorkel as the shoals would often disappear real quick. Did get a few decent dives in though, drifting along with the shoals at around 5m and got to observer bait balls being attacked from all sides by dolphins, sharks and sea birds. Had a couple bronze whaler sharks bump into us during these as well which was quite a rush.