View Full Version : tropical travel reg

11-09-2007, 14:02
im looking for a reg that can be taken around the world and parts be found. Im looking at the aqualung titan micra cause its small and a good breather any other reccomendations?

11-09-2007, 14:15
There are a number of brands that have no problem selling parts to the end user (DiveRite and Zeagle, for example). Throw a parts kit in your bag and......boom......problem solved (as long as you don't loose your bag). If you're at a dive destination of any size, the chances are pretty good that there is a tech around who can fix your regulator.

The best insurance, in my experience, is to try your gear out (in a pool maybe) soon before leaving for the trip. This goes double if your stuff was just serviced.

If you're not convinced by my arguments, Scubapro and Aqualung both have big dealer networks and are as likely as anyone to have a parts dealer wherever you find yourself. Mares seems to show up everywhere I've been too.