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11-10-2007, 12:03
So I'm leaning toward the Oceanic Hera for a BC and that opens up the question of whether I'd like the alternate inflator octo (Oceanic Air XS 2) or to go with the more traditional set up.

Anyone have any experience with these newfangled 2-in-1 options?

I know that scubalab reported on 7 of these recently, but the Oceanic wasn't one of the ones they talked about. Also, the scubalab report commented on the added complication of having to find a way to control buoyancy while breathing with one of these.

Any insights?

Navy OnStar
11-10-2007, 13:24
I have the Scuba pro air2 and love it. as far as the bouyancy issue, you should be on your way to the surface to end the dive if you are breathing off your back-up. you still have the other dump valves on the BCD to vent, and the inflator still goes to the bcd you just have to be exhaling at the time. if you practice with it a couple of times while you are shallow you shouldn't have any problems.

11-11-2007, 22:30
tried it before. it's a smooth breather though.

11-12-2007, 17:08
I've used the "newfangled 2-in-1 options", to quote you. I find them easy to use. It is just a regulator! As for the problem of regulating bouyancy while using it as a regulator, I have found that to be no problem. I have used it for inflating lift bags and do not carry an octopus on my rig at all now. The main thing you need to do is make sure you go over the use of it with your partner BEFORE your dive. In the event of an "out of air" emergancy with your partner, you will be donating your primary and using your Air 2. As will all gear, practice with it, and you will have few problems

11-12-2007, 18:37
My wife hates the air2 type setup in her rig. I love it on mine. I think because I use her as my back up air supply

11-12-2007, 18:40
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11-13-2007, 14:35
I use an AirXs and love it....I have honestly never dove without it, even in class I used one. It is a learning curve at first, in regards to buddy breathing. I was messing around the first time i put it on and was using it as a primary (not knowing any better) and the instructor advised there really isnt any reason you couldnt use it as a primary, but he didnt recommend it. I wouldnt go back, and have no interest in Tec.....