View Full Version : Blue Hole Nov 17~18th

11-15-2007, 10:16
There are several groups of divers that will be at the Blue Hole this weekend in case anyone is either already going, or interested.

My good friend and dive buddy Kent (DiveDoggie on SB) will be down late Friday night and running a Rescue class and some specialties with the LDS he works with out of Fort Collins. I have no clue where Kent will setup, likely in the way! :smilie39:

Another friend and instructor is going to be down also doing a Rescue class from A1 scuba. A1 generally sets up on the other side of the outflow in the grass/dirt right next to the bridge. If you see a chick with sunglasses, and a reversed red baseball cap (she dives with both the hat and sunglasses) introduce yourself!

If that was not enough, my buddy Kevin will be there on Sunday along with his usual brood of ABQ divers. Part of this group are on the dark side, so if you want to checkout BP/W setups, DIR configurations, and doubles setups these are the guys that can show you the koolaid!

Seriously, if you get a chance to be in the water with these guys, you will see what a DIR divers looks like UW, and they are an impressive group to watch or dive with. However they are missing one thing that I've found annoying in some Tech divers, and that is the holier than thou attitude. They will be at the picnic tables near the end of the parking lot under the shelters. Stop by and tell them Ron sent you! :smiley20:

Unfortunately I will not be down this weekend. I've been gone too much away from the family lately, so no diving for Daddy! :smiley21: