View Full Version : Canon Power Shot A570IS

11-16-2007, 19:26
Has anyone had any expierience with this camera for UW shots and mini vids? I've just bought the housing for this one and was curious, it's a great camera on land.

12-04-2007, 14:40
My only complaint is that you cannot set the flash as permanently on (Like I can with my Sony Cybershot) in the automatic settings.
Since most of the marine life is moving, I do not use manual settings, since it takes too long to adjust.

However, unless the camera thinks it is too dark, the flash will not activate, so I have gotten some very blue pictures--even though there is an underwater setting that is supposed to minimze that.

Editing the pictures is also not as easy as my Sony software and often I just open my Canon pictures with my Sony picture software to edit them.

Although I have taken mini video, I have not yet tried to edit them again since it was not user friendly the first 2 times I tried.