View Full Version : A+ for ScubaToys

11-17-2007, 09:07
If your on this site, you already know about ScubaToys. But, I just had to tell this story. I'm leaving for Mexico on 11/20. Because I'm a JIT type of person (procrastinator) I ordered a shorty wetsuit from scuba toys last week (all the LDS don't carry shorties in the midwest "this time of year" - go figure - they don't carry them any time of the year, but "they can order them" - whole different thread). Anyway, I ordered on line from ST and got a call from ST saying they were out of stock and the suit was back ordered and would not ship to me until 11/20. Obviously, this would not work. I told them I was leaving for Mexico on that day. They said, let me call you right back. 5-minutes later I get a phone call and they tell me they don't have the shorty I ordered, but do have another that actually costs a little more, but they would send it to me at the same price. They told me that they wanted my trip to Mexico to be good and me to be happy with being a ST customer. What can I say, the package arrived at my house 2 day's later in plenty time for my trip. Finally, I'm treated like a customer in a day and age where this is often times not the case. A++++++ for ScubaToys. I'm definately going to be a long time customer.

S. Nagel