View Full Version : Drysuit Q's on a used OS Nautilis

11-17-2007, 11:06
Hey guys,

I am talking to a guy about a used dry suit. First of all this will be my first dry suit so I am totally new to all this. Next, the one that this guy wants to sell me has a pair of boots with it that have come loose, but he has the urethane sealer to reattch them. Is this worth buying and how hard is it to do yourself. Another guy told me to ask about having the boots "welded" in so the seal is permanent what is that all about and how, where and how much is something like that?

The drysuit in question is a newer OS Nautilis with two pair of fleece undergarments and flet boot liners. The drysuit is an XL, I stand about 5'10" 190lbs. Is this going to be huge on me or a decent fit?

One other question, what is better a pee valve or something else and what would that be?

I am currently deployed at sea so I can not try this suit on and am talking to this guy over the internet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please PM if you can help.



11-18-2007, 09:59
Hey guys there is a wealth of knowledge here. Can someone please weigh and give me at least a little bit of advice?



11-18-2007, 11:18
First off, are you looking at the dry suit or duying on line? What type of suit are you looking at (DUI, Henerson, Bare, etc)

I'm not sure if I would want a suit that has boot issues even before I buy it. While you can do a fix it yourself, when it comes to dry suits, I will let the professionals do it. I don't thin I would attempt the fix myself until after I've had a lot of experience going dry.

If you're deployed, talk with the fellow divers on ths ship. I would be wary about buying the suit in question without a lot more info.

OH, and Thanks for your service shipmate! or is Semper Fi in order?