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11-18-2007, 08:08
I'm trying to decide between the inexpensive Reef Master Mini camera SL-320 and more pricey Sealife DC600. Also in the running is the even less expensive Sealife ECOshot SL-321 but it is only rated to 75 feet...which i will not be doing many deep dives for a year or so. but should i save some money now or go ahead and blow it all on the sealife 600

11-18-2007, 13:05
if you're planning on upgrading later i would go ahead and buy the good camera now. you'll end up saving money in the long run. as far as the cameras, i would think about an external flash. it makes a huge difference in your pics. the first few dives with my camera the flash wasn't firing correctly and i was amazed how good they look with the external flash.

11-18-2007, 13:35
Don't just limit yourself to the Sea life or Sea to Sea. Sony makes some great housings for there point and shoot. I have been using one (DSC-P9) for 5 years now. Camera is a 4.1 meg and takes some pretty good shoots. I do have and external for it which does help on the night dives. (digitals require lite to focus). Good luck

11-18-2007, 13:44
I have a Canon Powershot (Bestbuy). Bought the housing that it goes in off the net. Best money I've ever spent!!!

11-18-2007, 14:15
If you are stuck on the SeaLife cameras I would go with the DC600, more megapixels to crop and expand pictures if wanted. But, be sure and check out Canon, Olympus and Fuji cameras also you can get a camera and housing for as little as 400.00 and always be able to upgrade your system later as you get a chance.

11-18-2007, 14:43
i just got an olypmus fe280 for 165 bucks from bestbuy on sale. 8Mp great zoom, has 3 underwater modes. The housing was 145 on ebay, and they make wet lenses for it. So for 300 bucks iv got a better set up than a sea life dc600 at half the price.