View Full Version : A job well done!

11-19-2007, 21:47
I just completed my second order which included my entire setup of scuba gear. I have to say that its been a complete pleasure dealing with Scubatoys. Special thanks to Joe, Larry, Joey, Kyle and Rick who all helped in getting both orders together for me.

It was not easy trying to figure it all out... BUT Larry and Joe could not have been more instrumental in getting everything together for me and spent countless hours back and fourth with me. When my BC did not fit exactly right they spent some time with me getting it to the point that it should be.

I have to say that this kind of great service is without question above and beyond what exists in the industry. Heck I even contacted a manufacturer which turned out to be a complete nightmare. I know that Larry and Joe would have stepped right in to make it all right each and every time. BUT, some things the manufacturer should just take care of IMHO. I highly recommend the Zeagle BC's the product, I'm sure many will agree is top notch and the staff there will also offer genuine help...

Anyway, I did not want to forget giving credit where credit was more than due.

So- thank you guys! everything fits perfectly... I will be back again and again and will recommend you to all of my freinds and family.

Happy Hollidays! :smiley20: