View Full Version : JBL good gun

11-20-2007, 15:20
Is JBL a good brand

11-20-2007, 15:46
I haven't tried their guns but I know JBL makes a great pole spear. I would assume that the quality of their guns would be the same.

06-28-2008, 10:40
Is JBL a good brand

YES, what are you trying to shoot? In my opinion, the JBL Gulf Magnum is the best gun for the gulf. 3/8" shaft, plenty of power and durable. I do not shoot one but 3 of my teamates do. They do very well at the tournaments.

06-28-2008, 10:53
If you get a JBL then at least make sure it is a XHD.
Spearfishing Specialties makes some awesome guns Sea Hornet Spearguns and Accessories (http://www.slinginsteel.com/)

07-03-2008, 17:56
Yes, it is a good gun, but depends on your application. Down here on the gulfcoast it is a good staple gun that everyone from novice to commercial shooters use. I have been using a 48 for years and last year bought a new stock and now have a 54. Not sure if the SS guns are worth the extra $$ss. They are nice though.

07-31-2008, 21:16
I have a Sawed-off woody magnum and love it.

07-31-2008, 21:30
I have a cheap aluminum JBL. I thought they were pretty good, but on SpearBoard they trash them like snorkels on this board. They tend to recommend spending more money in the initial investment so that one will not have to buy a better gun a few years later. SpearBoard even shoots down JBL hardware, shafts and spear points. JBL is about the only spearpoints that I can afford and they seem to retain fish very well.

Daddy Diver
08-12-2008, 00:50
The spearboard types tend to be freedivers (at least in the California section) and their complaint is that JBL guns are noisy and inaccurate. However I find that west coast scuba hunting the perfect gun is the JBL 38 special. Don't really need a bigger gun/longer range becasue we rarely have the viz and a shorter gun is much easier in the kelp. I would stay away from a wood gun if I were scuba hunting because hey tend to float with the shaft removed. Given your stated location as Biloxi, I think a JBL would be a great gun as them seem very popular with rig divers.

10-16-2008, 22:26
I shoot a JBL Sawed-Off Magnum and I'm not hungry!

It's a little long for close-quarters wreck diving, but by using a handheld light for speed and mobility, I'm doing pretty good with it.

Gotta go, I think the fish is burning!