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11-22-2007, 08:46
I type a big response and finally go to hit the submit button, and the site says I don't have permission or something. It states for me to go log in, but I am already logged in. And I cannot figure out how to copy my writting, to save it to be posted once I log off and log back on, so all my time writing is wasted and gone. Of course as soon as I log off, then log back on, I try a quik post and it works. Happened twice to me now.

WV Diver
11-22-2007, 08:48
This has happened to me also......... in the past. I'm not sure what it is all about but I will send this to Tommy to look at for you.

11-22-2007, 09:01
Well, to copy and paste simply highlight everything that you typed in, then hold "ctrl" and press "c". This will copy the contents to your clipboard. Then when you log back in place your cursor in the text field for you response and hold "ctrl" and press "v". This will paste the comtents of the clipboard here. This is all assuming you are using a windows based operating system. :)
The problem may be with the cookies. Make sure you have them turned on.

WV Diver
11-22-2007, 16:59
Tommy says you need to retrieve a new cookie every 3600 seconds, can't avoid it. That's one hour.

11-22-2007, 17:21
all forums have their little quirks, and as soon as you actually spend some time typing something, guaranteed thats when you'll run into issues... either a cookie expires, the server returns a 404 error, something times out, your 'net connection drops for a split second...

anytime I type a lot like that, before I hit post, I CTRL-C copy what I typed out of the post screen, then if after I hit post, it screws up, I can CTRL-V paste it either to a temporary notepad document or somewhere so I can start a new post again...

11-22-2007, 18:10
So far, I don't have any problems posting in the forum here, long or short messages. Smoooooooth thus far; and finger cross.
And good idea about copying to clipboard if the posting is long. Thanks for that.

Edit: Yippee! 250 posts. I can go PM Joe now.:smiley2:

11-22-2007, 20:23
Another shortcut for those posting stuff they want to duplicate:

Ctrl + A :: Highlights everything in the area you last clicked.
Ctrl + C :: Copies that highlighted text.
Ctrl + X :: Cuts that highlighted text.
Ctrl + V :: Pastes that highlighted text.

11-22-2007, 20:47
I had a similar problem. Seems that I didn't respond to the confirmation e-mail sent by ST. Once I did all was fine.

11-22-2007, 21:13
This JUST happened to me! I hate it! :smiley_cryingHyster

11-22-2007, 21:57
Another good trick if your writing an extended post is to use another editor like iWork Pages or Office Word to compose the actual posting and then Copy and Paste.

Timeouts are actually a good thing for you in most cases. Among other things, it helps prevent others from accessing your login or work area if you forget to logoff and then someone else happens upon the open page. Plus it helps with bandwidth when people sit on an open entry page for hours and hours and hours without doing anything.

ScubaToys Larry
11-22-2007, 22:13
And I can tell you that I used to have that problem all the time with internet explorer... but I don't get it using firefox. It handles cookies and passwords much better.

11-23-2007, 08:19
Ok thank you to everyone. I will try the cntrl C thing. I was trying it another way and didn't think of that. I think it is related to timing out somehow or another.

11-23-2007, 08:32
I use internet explorer and have never had a problem on my desktop or my laptop. I have windows remember my password and log me in, maybe that is what is making the difference.