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11-22-2007, 18:08
I ordered 2 Zeagle BCDs , 2 sets of Zeagle regs, and a Oceanic Geo dive computer due to the great package price i got on all the gear . I ordered monday morning and all the stuff arrived wednesday afternoon. For those of you from Canada , the shipping charge is very reasonable ( fast ) and the only thing required to pay is the GST ( no duty on dive gear if from the US ) . I timed my order just right when the CDN dollar was worth 1.09 US .. so i got a incredible deal I must say . I did have a problem with one of the tank straps on the bcd and Joe sent me a replacement immediately !! While outstanding customer service is not a new concept how come nobody else can deliver . Can I buy my next truck from you guys ???

11-24-2007, 14:03
Jeff88 where are you located, I am in Edmonton and want to talk to you about which Zeagle regs you purchased and why. I am about the pull the trigger on about $ 3000.00 worth of equipment but I am always looking for additional advice. You can e-mail me direct at dlloyd@besco.ab.ca

ScubaToys Larry
11-24-2007, 14:26
Can I buy my next truck from you guys ???
Sure! But if you call Joe, he'll say get a Ford... if you talk to me, I'll try to talk you into a chevy! :smiley36:

11-25-2007, 10:43
I also live in Edmonton . I am a newly certified diver and as such relied on various online forums . I looked around at some of the dive shops in Edmonton but they seemed to be pushing the hi end gear .
I will prob only be diving 2 weeks a year while on vacation and as such wanted lightweight travel gear and also wanted something reasonable priced that would be better then the rental stuff at dive resorts .
The Zeagle reg i selected ( Envoy ) was highly rated on the scubatoys forum , scuba board forum , and was also tested in Rondale's magazine with perfect scores . The Zeagle Octo is apparently the same as the Envoy and i wanted to try to get everything similar so i could bring my own repair kit ( my girlfriend's package also has a zeagle reg ) . The Zeagle apparently was designed by a Canadian living in Florida . So basically the numerous positive posts about Zeagle equipment , the lifetime warranty etc was my deciding factor. Sorry i can't offer more expert advice . Please email if you have any other questions .



11-25-2007, 11:08
For a LDS-(local dive shop) Ocean Sports on White Ave in Edmonton is good. Year end sales and courses seem to be priced fair.

Larry I wouldn't have said that except everybody knows Toyota makes the best trucks!