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11-23-2007, 13:18
Hi all,

This is a long question. I am currently certified with SSI. I don't have a problem with SSI BUT I want to become an instructor in 1-2 years and I don't want to be tied to my LDS like SSI requires. What I am wondering is if I continue to complete specialties with SSI, how do I go about becoming an instructor with another agency.

Having read a good deal about the different agencys, I believe that I want to become an instructor with NAUI. I don't have a problem with PADI, and I mean no offense, it's just that I think the flexibility that NAUI allows for instructors to add materials will match my teaching style better.

There is no NAUI shop anywhere near me. I could choose PADI for specialities as there is a good PADI shop near me as well but I really do think I want to pursue instructor credentials with NAUI.

Any advice you have would be really appreciated. Feel free to reply to this or correspond via PM.

Thanks in advance.

ScubaToys Larry
11-23-2007, 14:58
Actually, to be a naui instructor... there are no specialties required. You just need your ow, advanced, rescue, and DM, then you can take an instructor course.

After you're an instructor, you can teach any of the standard specialties as long as you have 20 dives in that specialty and follow the outline for the course. So getting a bunch of specialties, while required for some agencies, is not a requirement for Naui.