View Full Version : Costeau Memorial at Portage Quarry Ohio

07-22-2007, 14:25
Kevin, Denny, and I made three dives on Saturday at Portage Quarry. The viz was pretty good on the first and things were stirred up on the second, but pretty good over the the silo. I wanted to take video on the second dive, but no go on the vis.

I did take some still photos, though. I did not know this but there is a Jacques Costeau memorial on top the silo. You can see the pictures at


It was a humbling moment when I read the inscription and for a second or two, I forgot that I was underwater and in the quarry. It was a very emotional experience.
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08-13-2007, 20:56
Thank you for sharing your photos. The memorial is truly moving.

PADI would be very upset with you for diving without a snorkel. LOL, that is another discussion and another thread.

08-13-2007, 21:42
Great Pics! Thanks for sharing!