View Full Version : Store Cam

11-25-2007, 07:48
I seam to have a problem getting the store cam to work. I already tried downloading the most recent version of Java but that didn't work. What am I doing wrong?


11-25-2007, 09:16
It would help if you could post your operating system, what browser you are using and what problem you are having :)

WV Diver
11-25-2007, 09:27
I use Mozilla Firefox and I had to throw it out and reinstall it before the store cam would work. It's worth a try.

11-25-2007, 17:50
mozilla is a bit tricky

12-02-2007, 23:27
I use IE and Maxthon, they both seem to work.

12-03-2007, 08:00
I use Moz FireFox and it worked fine on the first try. I wonder if there was a lot of web traffic when you tried...