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11-26-2007, 19:34
Found this comparison of the Shockwave LED: Princeton Tec Shockwave LED - Princeton Tec Dive Lights - LED Dive Lights (http://www.divesports.com/mall/princetec_lts_shockwaveLED.asp)

It may answer a few questions I've seen. There is also a review of lights in one of the more recent Scubadiving magazines.

11-26-2007, 19:51
Cool! I've got several of the older shockwaves. New ones look like they are quite a bit brighter!!!

11-26-2007, 20:28
I have the Shockwave LED, and our dive club says it's always the brightest and easiest to see in the muck we do alot of diving in. The long battery life and lifetime warranty I don't think I will ever use anything else. At least until the next Princeton Tech comes out. I always want the newest toys.

Navy OnStar
11-26-2007, 20:40
I was looking at the Miniwave LED vs. the Shockwave LED and they both have 9watts/170lumens. The only difference I can see is the Miniwave has only a 10 hour burn time vice 20 hours for the Shockwave. Since the Shockwave uses 8 batteries and the Miniwave uses 4 batteries, you would use the same number of batteries over a 20 hour period. You would just have to change the batteries once in the Miniwave but have a much more compact light.

The Miniwave is on my Christmas list.


11-26-2007, 20:47
It's too bad Princeton doesn't sell an LED upgrade for Shockwave II owners.