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11-28-2007, 12:55
I have been discussing with other members of the forums here and have come to the conclusion that we need a Liability Release form for anyone to participate in scheduled events in the club. After searching the web and looking at different clubs liability release forms I have come up with one that should help protect club members, representatives, and anyone helping in the events. please take a look at the application and liability release form on the webage and give me your feedback. Good or bad I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Unfortunately in this day and age I truly believe that we have to have this in place. I know it takes the fun out of things for a moment, but it should help in the event that the unforseen comes up.

You can got directly to the page by clicking below.
Application (http://www.dirtywaterdive.com/Application.htm)

As always I will continue to strive foward in getting things going.

I'd like to thank everyone so far that has contribued to the club with ideas, photos, newsletter help, and feedback.


11-28-2007, 13:46
What you really need to do is take it to a local attorney to see if it conforms to state law and actually protects you. The time to find out it isn't binding for one reason or another is not when you are invoking it as a defense in court.

11-28-2007, 13:54
True. I am aware of that and plan on doing so. I was just wanting to get it up and get the members feedback. Posting here in the Dirty Water Dive Society forum is the quickest and easiest way to get all the members informed and get their feedback. A copy will be taken to one of the local attorneys and checked before we use it for any dives. If someone hpens to fill one out and send it in before I get it checked, I will simply have them fill out another at the event if there are any changes made to the original that is up on the page now.

Too bad there isn't an Oklahoma Attorney on hese forums that could look at it.

I did edit the webpage and put a disclaimer up on it that the forms were there for review purposes only and not to be used at thsi time. Thank you reefhound for bringing to my attention that I didn't let everyone know this was just for review right now.

11-28-2007, 14:27
well, I agree... it stinks that you have to have CYA documents like this in place, but our sue-happy society makes it so. I have no problem filling one out and returning it to you in the event that we meet up with you OKCers and do something. Keep us posted about the legal aspect of the doc and once it's cleared, we'll get one on file with ya.

11-28-2007, 14:32
Ok, will do. I didn't really think anyone would have a problem filling one out. Seems like you have to fill them out for just about anything now days. :( I guess I just wanted to get a feel for how the members would perceive this. I hoped it would go over well, and I don't see where I really have a choice if I / we want to be protected.