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11-28-2007, 15:28
Me and my buddie really wanted to hit the middle Keys in January. Speaking with a few that go there and a few in the Jupiter area, I've heard that it is touch and go as to weather or not you'll get blown out that time of year. Does anyone have any suggestions for a relitively new diver that is looking for that 1st offshore dive? All of mine have been in the Florida springs so far. I'd like High viz and some color for eye candy.


WV Diver
11-28-2007, 15:32
Amy Slates in Key Largo is a good dive op for beginners. They do nice reefs, mostly all very shallow with lots to see. Great place to start.

11-28-2007, 16:19
I'd go. Say you do get blown out....there are worse places to be stuck for a day.

Tell the op what you're looking for (shallow reefs) and you will be fine. If they say 'you don't really want to be out there today, but we'll go if you want to', then think carefully before getting on the boat :)

I've done some nice diving there in January. I did find it useful to keep a few different ops on speed dial since some had problems finding enough divers to run a trip.


11-28-2007, 16:51
Well it is a 7 hour drive for me, just for the turnpike to dump me out at US1 at the mouth of the keys or Biscane. As far as shallow...well... I hate the 1st atmosphere. I'd like to be able to get to at least 40' and I absolutely love life at 70'. My bouyancy control and equalization worries are null at that depth.

I agree that there are worse places to be stuck for a day, but I'd like to be in the water after a drive like that. We may just do Devils den one day and Blue Grotto the next...bank the Key funds for a little less of a crap shoot. Hell, I don't know...I just want to get off shore. I'm ready for that first salt water dive!

11-28-2007, 17:17
The keys rock. If if rains, the crap usually passes by in a few hours then your good to go. Every July (rainy season) we go down for bug hunting for a week to fish and hit the mini sportsman season. We always get rain but it doesn't last long. We dive out of marathon and go the atlantic side staying at key colony. Dive spots / reefs are real close (out of the channel) and many dive shops in the area to hook up with charters. Good luck and diving.