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11-30-2007, 18:59
So, I've been swimming a lot lately, I have the Tusa Xpert Zooms in a Large, and Tilos 5 mm boots...

In the pool swimming I've been doing, I've just used thick socks as the Tilos boots are too warm for this swimming... I typically mainly use my dacor dxd full foot fins for pool use due to this... last night, I decided to take my boots to the pool and do some more swimming with the boots and the Zooms... long story short, the balls of my feet hurt... only when really swimming (I obviously haven't noticed this diving yet, as I don't try to set any speed records underwater), but I do need to maintain the ability to swim for distances at speed if I want - and it just plain hurts.... well, I think I know why - with the thick Tilos boots on, my feet don't go all the way into the foot pocket of my fins, there's like 3" of open space at the toes...

The obvious solution to this is to get thinner boots, which I will, but what I need to know is that for fins to fit these boots, what is it going to take? would the larger size Zooms accommodate them, or should I switch to a different fin to use with these boots?

Any suggestions? Or a side by side comparison of Large vs X-Large zoom pockets?

edit: the boots that I have are the 5mm taller version of these Tilos Hard Soled Short Booties, Boots Hoods Gloves, Tilos, Tilos Hard Soled Short Booties (http://scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?product_id=TilosHardSoleShort)

ScubaToys Larry
12-05-2007, 18:12
Well, a 3 mil will not help since the main thing that really stops the boot from going in is the sole... so a thinner "upper" will not make it go in any farther. Now the tilos soft boots will go in farther, as they just have a soft sole - not a molded sole. And then the bad news is, the real answer if you want to keep the hard sole is the XL fins which will be much bigger, and work out better.

And if you do want to try them on for fit (please in your living room.. not swimming in the pool where they can get scratched up), there is no problem returning them if they don't work for you... but I'm about 95% confident, that will do the trick.

12-05-2007, 18:15
thats what I kinda figured Larry... thanks for the response... I am moving to San Antonio soon, and may have to make a trip up through the Dallas area, so I might just drop in there and try for myself in person...